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Thanks for stopping by our blog. We are two elementary school teachers living in Orange County, California. Our adventure in teaching began about six years ago, but our friendship started in the college dorms as roommates. When we get together, you can expect non-stop talking about school (I think we drive our non-teacher friends nuts!). We created this blog to share our ideas and inspiration (or share other teachers' ideas that have inspired us). Teaching is truly a passion of ours and we hope that it shines through this blog!

You will find different teaching ideas that are applicable to many different grade levels. Stacy is a special education kindergarten teacher and Dina currently teaches all grade levels as an intervention teacher. Dina previously taught several years in third grade and will often share her ideas from that grade level as well.

When we are not teaching we enjoy social eating, spending time with our families, and enjoying the many wonderful outdoor activities that Southern California has to offer.

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  1. Yay! I found another fellow Cali blogger! AND a fellow OC blogger! Nice to see that not all teacher bloggers come from the midwest and the south. I'm a newbie blogger, but not a new teacher. This Sept. will begin my 18th year. Oy!!

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