Monday, January 28, 2013

All About Snow - Step Up to Writing

Every January I head up to our local mountains for some fun, and I bring back snow for my kinders.  This is one of my favorite activities every year.  I pour snow into a little tray-one for every kid.  (This year when I was pouring it, I had a kid ask me why I was pouring marshmallows into a tray! Haha!)  I read a book about snow, show them some pictures I took, and then let the kids play with the snow in their own tray.  Often times, they'll make a baby snowman!  We talk about how it feels and what we learned about snow from our book and experience.  We complete a graphic organizer, with snow as our topic, and then jot down our 3 ideas (a picture and a word or two).  When we write our topic, we trace the box with a green crayon (Step Up to Writing), and say "topic, topic, topic, topic"--as we trace each line.  When we write our three ideas, we trace those boxes with a yellow crayon (Step Up to Writing), and say "idea, idea, idea, idea"--as we trace each line.  Then we write one sentence using at least one idea.  

I'd love to hear about some fun writing activities that you do in your classroom!  


  1. How fun! Some of our teachers used the book "Snowmen at Night" and had students take home a blank snowman and decorate it with their family. Then, they had to write a story about what their decorated snowman did throughout the night. Super cute!



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