Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's "Face" it- Math Can be Fun!

There are only 2 weeks left in the school year for me, but I am still working hard with my reading/math intervention groups.

My 2nd grade math intervention group needed some practice with addition/subtraction with regrouping. Instead of the same old boring worksheets, I whipped up this little activity called, "Face Math." It is a fun activity for them and an easy assessment tool for me.

 Basically, I typed up various 3 digit addition and subtraction problems for the students to solve. Once the students were finished working out the problems, they looked at the bottom of the paper to see an answer key and color code. I gave two possible answer choices for each problem. The students colored the blank face according to the answer they got. The blank faces came from Creative Clips.

For example, if their answer was 160 for problem 1, they had to draw blue eyes on the face. If they got 150 for problem 1, then they had to draw green eyes.

 The coloring of the face/body makes this activity a simple assessment for me. In the picture above, I can see that the student that drew the yellow dots and blue shirt, answered the problem incorrectly as those were not the colors that went along with the right answer. I know that I will need to go back and review some of the problems with her. I made a girl version and a boy version for this activity.

The students had a blast with this and I am in the process of making more as they've requested! Even if you teach a different grade level, you can still do something similar with whatever concept you're working on in class.

You can download this for free right here!

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