Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wiggly kids?...Show me "Whole Body Listening"!

Do you have those kids who just can't sit still, whose eyes are looking somewhere else, making you think they're not listening to you? 
I first heard of "Whole Body Listening" (WBL) from Michelle Garcia Winner.  In my class, we start the year breaking down the components of WBL, and now we just give a verbal or visual prompt to remind students to show us "Whole Body Listening" works like MAGIC!  Thank you Michelle Garcia Winner!  Check out her website, Social Thinking, for more information on WBL and sooooooo many other really important skills!

Here are the components of WBL:

  • Eyes: look at the person talking to you
  • Ears: both ears ready to hear
  • Mouth: quiet-no talking, humming, or making sounds
  • Hands: quiet in lap, pockets, or by your side
  • Feet: quiet on the floor
  • Body: facing the speaker
  • Brain: thinking about what is being said
  • Heart: caring about what the other person is saying

You can use posters as visuals, which are great.  I prefer to use pictures of my actual students...boy do they love seeing themselves!  Here's one of my cuties!  You may be able to tell he's sitting on a "move-n-sit"/"disc-o-sit" (aka-wiggle cushion) to help him maintain adequate postural control during instruction. 

Perfect "Whole Body Listening"!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great ideas!!! Just found you, what a cute blog!! And yes I love the show!!



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