Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What do you THINK?

Hi Friends! What do you do with a bunch of unused golf pencils, some Velcro, and mini notepads? Well, you make Think Pads, of course! I created Think Pads after receiving a class set of golf pencils and notepads as a donation. I find them to be very useful at the closing of a lesson. Research shows that students retain information when they record their learning in writing. So, in comes the Think Pads! I don't have the kids write anything too lengthy. Perhaps I will ask them to jot down 3 things they learned, draw a sketch that represents our learning, or write down a text to self connection. Instead of having the students slide the Think Pads back into their desks after writing, I also have them share verbally what they wrote, since discussing your learning is another effective way to get information into your long-term memory. I may have students share with a desk partner or get up and share with another student in the class. Sometimes at the start of a lesson, I will have my students open their Think Pad to refer to what they wrote yesterday. I may even have them share again with their table group or another partner. The kids love using them because the pencil is attached to Velcro! I guess it makes them feel more "official." 


  1. I just made something a couple of weeks ago about exactly the same! It was called Wild About Writing!! Great minds think alike!!

  2. Thanks for leaving the comment. I will have to go check out your blog and see your notepads!

  3. I just found your awesome blog and I'm your newest follower! Come by and see me at
    ~ Lauren

  4. I love the idea of attaching the pencil with velcro! I may need to steal this one! Thanks!
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